All Your Problems Solved (Just Do X)

Browsing Amazon’s bestseller list reveals just what type of non-fiction sells: Techniques.

The Miracle Morning
Lean in 15
How Not To Die
The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

But the classics are nearly always Frameworks; 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think and Grow Rich, Awaken the  Giant Within.

Frameworks are principles. Techniques are tricks.

To understand the difference we can look at where the two interact on the Logical Levels of Change (Robert Dilts).


Techniques straddle our behaviour and capabilities. We start off as amateurs “faking it till we make it” and with repeated practice the behaviour becomes a capability.

Frameworks straddle beliefs (“I think it’s best when we find a win/win in a negotiation”) and identity (“I’m the type of person that looks for a win/win in every deal”).

We first believe the principles the framework teaches and through repeated action in alignment with that principle they become part of our identity.

In this sense, new techniques have the power to change behaviours whereas frameworks have the power to change lives.

You can look at the technique as a simple IF-THEN statement. If this works, do this, else, do that.

Frameworks are more powerful. They are more than decision trees. They are principles that guide – they are the syntax of the coding language itself.

Like most people, I gravitate towards the Techniques. It is doing what is easy instead of what is right. But techniques only have value when you integrate what you learn in to your own personal framework.

Your identity and collection of beliefs make up the you. We can make that you better by adding features and removing bugs.

Techniques are features and you get to beta test them before integrating them in to your framework.

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do was a style without style. It was about testing everything and only keeping what worked. That’s exactly what we can do with ideas. It’s exactly what we do anyway. But you can choose to do it more consciously.

Techniques continue to sell (Just pretend to solve fat, death or ugliness). They are the quick fix people are looking for. But the good ones need integrated into your framework and the bad ones need dropped. Jumping from technique to technique in search of the fix all pill just leaves you exhausted and no further forward.

Author’s who sell books on a technique have a platform to upgrade that to a framework. Use the technique as a back-door in to something bigger. If your book just sells a technique, do the world a favour, make it a blog post.

Right now I am Chris Porter v30.2 1

Let’s see what v31 brings.

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